Emotional stress release in Globe & Apache junction,AZ!
Overcome Anxiety

Are you suffering from Anxiety or Depression ?
Have you heard of the Emotional Stress Release technique?

We all have experienced occasional bouts of anxiety and stress. Whether it’s:

  • New job
  • Wedding
  • Death of a family member
  • Divorce
  • Lack of sleep
  • Health Issues
  • Financial concerns
  • Negative thinking
  • Medications

The list could be extensive but I think that you get the point! Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress. However, do not let this normal reaction turns excessive because that could be bad for your health. You should seek help before finding yourself overly worried and anxious!

Hello, My name is Michel Bourgeois, I'm a licensed Massage Therapist/Bodyworker (LMT#26371) and practionner of Energy Kinesiology in the Globe ,Mesa and Apache Junction area in Arizona! Thank you for visiting my page on Emotional Stress Release Technique. First of all let me explain what is Kinesiology and why I can help you to deal with anxiety!

Kinesiology: A Whole person approach

Kinesiology addresses the whole person, mentally, physically, chemically and energetically! If you are out of shape mentally, then you are mostly affected chemically, physically and energetically. The body's capacity to repair itself is greater than is normally believed, because most people do not consider the energy aspect. Balance is the key! Kinesiology helps, not cures. It rectifies imbalances before they become illnesses. Kinesiology can prevent something happening in the future.

Things That influence your thoughts & emotions

  • Biochemistry(blood sugar)
  • Energy systems(Chakra)
  • Environment
  • Sensory Input(smell-taste)
  • Beliefs
  • Language(Affirmation)
  • Posture & Body Language
  • Love & connection
  • Spiritual Energies

Thoughts & emotions are vibrational frequencies. They can either cause energy to flow or block the energy 'CHI" and create meridian imbalances and impairs our health and ultimately cause disease. Blocked "CHI" can lead to physical and emotional disorders and diseases. These energy blockage related to blocked emotions accumulate over our lifespan, but can be identified and clear through various energy techniques like energy muscle testing and Emotional Stress Release Technique .

Emotional Stress Release & Creative Visualization

This technique is tremendously effective in releasing all forms of emotional stress including; Fear and anxiety, overwhelm, disappointment, self-doubt, anger and ressentment,grief, guily and regret.It can also be use before an event to free ones mind of fear and to create a mental blueprint of the desired outcome and can also be very effectivefor reducing pain.

In that session, I use muscle testing to determine which thoughts and memories create energy blockage, resulting in the muscle testing weak or switch off.I also use the neurovascular points of the frontal eminences NV#11.

Anxiety release in Globe,AZ

Neurovascular points get switched off when the body is under stress. This can be a combination of physical, emotional, biochemical and environmental stress, which includes air pollution and electromagnetic fields. All these stressors can add up to cause one or more of these switches to shut off, similar to how a circuit breaker would. Here I use the NV#11 Frontal eminence. When slightly touched, It stimulates blood flow and cortical activity in the frontal lobe of the brain to clear old negative neuro-associations and replace them with positive ones.

The beauty of that technique is that you do not have to tell me any details to be effective.I do the talking and most of the time you just acknowlege me when I ask you! Emotional Stress release could be combine with Vibrational Sound Healing for better results. A combined session with Sound Healing is about 90 min.

Thanks for reading!

I Can help you with your anxiety!

To book a session, Call me/Text me (better) at: 213-631-8839

It is easier for me to answer your text messages because I might be in sessions for few hours before I can listen to my voice mail!

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By: Michel Bourgeois, Licensed Massage Therapist & Energy Kinesiology practitioner in Globe & Apache Junction, Az