“If you want to find the secrets of the universe,
think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Nikola Tesla


All Kinesiology and Tuning Fork sessions are fully clothed!

Structural Kinesiology

Energy Kinesiology

  • Meridian Energy "Unblocking"
  • Chakra Energy Testing
  • Balancing with Color Therapy
  • The Figure 8 Energy Flows
  • Neurological Switching
  • Auric Fields Testing
  • Pain Tapping
  • Meridian trace for pain relief
  • Face points for pain relief
  • Resetting The Body Clock
  • The Four Energy Circuits
  • Ionization Testing
  • Balancing a Meridian
  • Finding Priority Under Energy
  • Finding Priority Over Energy

Biochemical Kinesiology

  • Food Sensitivity Testing
  • Heavy Metal Testing
  • Vitamins/Minerals Testing
  • Immune System Energizing
  • Adrenal Fatigue (CFS)Testing
  • Testing Organs Under Stress
  • Balancing Blood Chemistry
  • Supplements Testing
  • Hypothalamus Testing
  • Pituitary Gland Testing
  • SIBO Testing
  • Candida Testing
  • Ileocecal Valve Testing
  • Homocysteine Testing
  • Surrogate Testing

Psychological Kinesiology

  • Emotional Stress Release

Here is a Glossary of the words/terms used in kinesiology!


Payment is accepted by cash, check, venmo or paypal at your appointment. 24 hours notice is required of cancellation or the full fee is due. I'M located in the Apache Junction Medical Plaza at 2080 W. Southern Ave, STE A-2, Apache Junction, AZ 85120. My practice is inside DR.Foote chiropractor office. By appointment only!

I Can Help You With:

  • Headaches/Migraine
  • T.M.J/Jaw pain
  • Neck Pain/Shoulder pain
  • Whiplash
  • Arm/Hand pain
  • Anxiety
  • Digestive Problems
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Low Energy
  • Sleep Problems
  • Back Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Hip/Knee pain
  • Leg/Feet pain
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Ileocecal Valve Corection
  • Minerals Deficiency
  • Vitamins Deficiency
  • Food Sensitivity Testing
  • Candida Testing
Energy balancing

Hello, My name is Michel Bourgeois-AKA Miguel

phone: 213-631-8839

I'm originally from Montreal,Canada! I'm a licensed Massage Therapist/Bodyworker (LMT#26371) and practionner of Energy Kinesiology in the Mesa and Apache Junction area in Arizona. I graduated in 2009 as a Massage Therapist and since then I worked in Spas, with Chiropractors and Physical Therapists. I also took different classes to improve my techniques in hope to be able to alleviate pain. All those years I focused mainly in classes that would show me techniques that treated musculoskeletal problems only.

In 2008 (before being a Massage Therapist) I started to have pain in the right arch of my foot and also pain in my right calf. In fact, my right calf was hard as a rock. So, I decided to see a podiatrist and got treated for plantar fasciitis. I felt good after each treatment but in the long run it was still the same. So, I bought custom made Orthotic Shoe Inserts for Foot Support and Pain Relief. I still was in pain although I had done everything the podiatrist told me to do!

In 2009 I started my massage education in Pompano Beach Florida. I was so happy because I could get a lot of massages while training. I started to learn about trigger points, neuromuscular therapy and other modalities. I really thought that after all those massages, I would feel better but no.

So, I went to see a neuromuscular therapist and he made an assessment of my condition. After a few treatments I decided to see a Rolfer. The Rolfer did help me a lot but again a few weeks later I was still in pain. I then went to see a physical therapist and a chiropractor and still nothing. Every one of them were telling me the same thing: Stretch, strengthen your core, exercises, stretch and more stretch. I never liked stretching but gave it a try. After few months I stopped because nothing I did was helping me. In May 2015, I got to a point that my right hip and buttock were so much in pain that they woke me up in the middle of the night.

Few days later I found a practionner of Energy Kinesiology and booked an appointment. The first time I had a kinesiology session was really weird because I did not know what to expect. The Kinesiologist ask me to lie down on a massage table and started to put my arms and legs in different positions and tested by applying light pressure to them. After all the tests were done, he explained that all the muscles related to the large intestine, small intestine and stomach according to the Traditional Chinese Medicine were weak. He shows me all my weak muscles then rubbed some neurolymphatics points corresponding at my weak muscles. He then retested the same weak muscles and they were now testing strong. He then told me that my pain was caused by the food I was eating. He then showed me what food can do to my energy. He put some raw sugar on my tongue and to my big surprise my muscles were weak again! The session lasted about 60 minutes. I left feeling relaxed and pain free! I started a diet, no carbohydrates, no sugar and no processed foods for two weeks and realize the pain in my right leg was gone! I knew then that if I eat too much carbohydrates, sugar and processed foods that my right leg will start to hurt again! For seven years I have been looking for a solution for my pain. Seven years of pain and the answer was in the food I was eating. Had I known before about Kinesiology, I would have safe so much time, effort and all the money I spent during those seven years. I'm still grateful to all those health professionals that I have seen during those seven years. I'm sure that if my problem would have been musculoskeletal all of them would have been really helpful. After that experience, I decided to study Energy Kinesiology so I could have a better understanding of the human being as a whole!


Your Body Doesn't Lie!

Energy balancing

Kinesiology is another name for muscle testing. It is unique and truly holistic science and on the cutting edge of Energy Medicine. It combines the art of muscle testing with the TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Western Medicine. It uses the body as a biofeedback system to identify the underlying cause of blockage from the person’s subconscious mind via the nervous system. Muscle monitoring is used to access information from the person’s “bio-computer”, the brain, in relation to the problem or issue.Kinesiology is unique as it looks beyond symptoms. Because Kinesiology incorporates the Chinese Medicine models of the Meridians system and the 5 Elements, it recognizes the flows of energy within the body not only relate to the muscles but to every organ that make the human body.

In short kinesiology is balancing energy through muscle testing at the Electrical, Structural , Biochemical and Emotional levels.

Your health is comprised of many different areas, such as:

  • Electrical:(Aura/Chakras/Meridian Tracing/Under & Over Energy Balancing)
  • Emotional:(Thoughts/Beliefs/Emotions)
  • Structural:(Pelvis & Sacrum alignment/Muscle tension & dysfunction)
  • Biochemical:(Food sensitivity/Vitamins & Minerals Testing/Heavy Metal testing.)


Energy Kinesiology

Here is an overview of some of the techniques that I use in a session of Energy kinesiology.

  • Chakra Balancing
  • Color Therapy
  • Auric Field
  • Meridian Balancing
  • Pain Tapping
  • Tibetan Figure eights

In a session of Energy kinesiology I use the principles of Chinese Medicine. I work on the electrical part of the energy called "Chi/Qi". I will work with the Acupuncture Meridian System, the flow of the Meridians on the surface of the body. I find and balance the priority under Energy Meridian(s) and also associate each Meridian to their respective muscle. In kinesiology each muscle is associated with a Meridian. For example if a Pectoralis Major Clavicular test weak on the energy testing, that tells me to investigate more on the Stomach Meridian.

Energy balancing for better health!

I also work on the Chakra System, the Figure 8 Energy Flow and the Auric Fields. These all integrate with the Acupuncture Meridian System. After all don't forget that your Meridians are your energy transportation system, they are your body's energy bloodstream. The design of the Meridian network is just awesome. Although I work with the Acupuncture Meridian System, I do not use needle. I use my fingers for polarity or a laser and magnet to balance the "Chi/Qi". I normally start the session with balancing the Chakras if needed. It is important that our Chakras stay open, aligned and fluid because, if there is a blockage and the energy cannot flow (Meridian System), it can affect all aspects of our being. Balancing the Chakras can help the nerves, muscles, organs, glands, emotional and spiritual consciousness.

To book a session, Call me at: 213-631-8839.

Biochemical Kinesiology

Here is an overview of some of the techniques that I use in a session of Biochemical kinesiology.

  • Food Sensitivity Testing
  • Immune System Testing
  • Testing Organs Under Stress
  • Testing the Adrenal
  • Testing the Ileocecal Valve
  • Testing Supplements
  • Testing for Homocysteine
  • Testing for Candida
  • Testing for Minerals
  • Testing for Heavy Metal
  • Testing the Hypothalamus
  • Testing for SIBO
food alergy testing

In 1956, the biochemist Dr. Roger Williams noted in his book Biochemical Individuality, that huge variations exist in human anatomy and physiology. He is famous for saying that at the metabolic level, we are all as unique as we are in our fingerprints.

In a session of Biochemical kinesiology I use the principles of Chinese Medicine and muscle testing. I look at your nutritional needs , based on your energy, lifestyle, and environmental exposure to various stresses. All that through energy testing and balancing! Not all healthy food is good for you! Take for example an apple, we all heard "an apple a day keeps the doctor away!" Well for some people eating apples make them feel like they have a knot in their stomach for hours and also make them feel weak. So, there is no point eating them even if they are healthy!

There is so much you can learn from a Biochemical kinesiology session. For example, you can know the same day which food you are sensitive to and avoid them. Are you taking supplements, you can find out if they are good for you. You will be able to see by yourself which supplements are good for you and which ones are not, and from those one that are good find out which ones are a priority for you. I remember the time that I would buy every supplements that a health professional would recommend. After a while I would have like 20 supplements to take every day! Not only it is time consuming but does my body really need them all? You will see that once you experimented a Biochemical Kinesiology session you will change the way you think when choosing a supplement. For example you could have two vitamin C supplements from different manufacturers and only one of them would be good for you!

To book a session and find out which foods and supplements are good for you, Call me at: 213-631-8839.

Structural Kinesiology

Here is an overview of some of the techniques that I use in a session of structural kinesiology.

In a structural kinesiology session, I focus on pain that is coming from tight muscles and tight fascia. Pain that is caused by muscle dysfunction or muscle injury. So, let's say that you come with a shoulder pain and I discover that you need a structural correction, I will then muscle test all the shoulder muscles and balance them. In this session, I use all the tools and techniques learned in my structural kinesiology training, combined with my experience as a BodyWorker.

structural kinesiology

To book a session, Call me at: 213-631-8839.

Emotional Stress Release

This technique is tremendously effective in releasing all forms of emotional stress including overcoming:

  • Fear and anxiety
  • Overwhelm
  • Disappointment
  • Self-doubt
  • Anger and ressentment
  • Grief and guilt
  • Stress from physical pain
  • Performance anxiety
  • Regret for things you did or didn't do

In an Emotional Stress Release Session, I focus mostly on the emotions that could have a negative effect on you.I still use muscle testing to see what makes you weak. For example if you have digestive problems the cause could be emotional. In the Chinese Meridian System the Stomach meridian is related to the emotion. I have seen a lot of people that had stomach issues and after a session of Emotional Stress Release they would feel better. The physical effects of ESR include a general sense of lightness and relaxation and a lifting of mental fog. In that session I also use the Tuning Forks as vibrational and Sound Healing.

Emotional Stress release

To book a session, Call me at: 213-631-8839.

Sound Healing With Tuning Forks

Shift the electromagnetic energy in your biofield to address pain, anxiety, sleep and more.

  • Relaxes muscular tension
  • Energizing and revitalizing
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation
  • Relaxes adrenals & relieves stress
  • Promotes healing of strained muscles
  • Alleviates blockages & nourishes the Qi
  • Clearer thinking and better sleep
  • Deep sense of being grounded
  • More comfort with your emotions
healing sound with tuning forks

Sound healing has been proven to alleviate all manner of physical and emotional imbalances! We store up life experiences as energy patterns in our auras. Negative energy patterns can create blockages that interrupt the flow of energy, making us feel drained. Tuning Forks can help to release the stagnation and help to boost the energy flow (Chi) to optimize vitality and health. Here you can see the application of unweighted forks (Biofield tuning) around the body to cohere dissonant frequencies in the energy field. By using tuning fork frequencies near the body, patterns of stress, unwanted or troublesome behaviors, and emotions can be “smoothed” over.

healing sound with tuning forks

Here you can see the use of a weighted tuning fork directly on the body. Weighted tuning forks are used in a Meridian Tuning session to balance and flush the main meridian lines in the body. By applying vibrational frequencies directly to the body, this session balances the Yin and Yang energies. Forks are applied to the meridian lines, as well as to specific energetic points throughout the body.

I normally start with the weighted forks by applying them to the physical body to help loosen and bring to the surface that wich needs to be release. Once the Meridian tuning is done I start the Biofield tuning by applying the High Ohm Octave to the energetic body to further release and disperse any unwanted resonance released by the physical and subtle body.

To experience a session of sound healing with the tuning forks Call me at: 213-631-8839.


What to expect from a session.

Kinesiology works in a non-invasive modality! You remain fully clothed throughout the whole session, lying comfortably on a massage table. I will put your arms and legs in different positions and test by applying light pressure to them. It is not a competition of strength, so you do not need to be strong or fit for this. Once the assessment is complete, any imbalances found will be attended to using different gentle techniques. I will also be able to give you some very helpful advice, as well as suggested exercises for you to do at home. The whole session takes approximately 1 + 1/2 hours and will leave you feeling pleasantly relaxed.