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What Is Chair Massage?

Chair massage (also known as seated massage) is a form of massage therapy that is performed while the client is fully clothed and seated upright in a specialized chair. The chair is designed to take the weight off the spine and give easy access to the head, neck, back, shoulders and arms. The massage is most commonly done over the clothes and does not require oils or creams.

Why do Chair Massage?

Chair massage is a much more portable way of bringing massage to clients. For this reason, chair massage is popular for:

  • People that can't lie down
  • People that do not like to disrobe
  • when you only want 10 to 15 min massage
  • The need for a neck and shoulders massage only!
  • Birthday or celebration

Benefits of Chair Massage

Like table massage, chair massage offers numerous benefits. After a 15-minute chair massage session, clients can expect:

  • Reduced stress/Improve mood
  • Relieve pain & tension to the neck,back & shoulders
  • headache relief
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Easing muscle tension
  • Promoting better sleep

Table Massage

Table massage can range from 30 - 120 minutes and mostly for people that have time. A benefit of a table massage is that the client may find that they are more able to fully relax and enjoy the massage. At times, people may even fall asleep during the massage and this is often easier to achieve when lying down. I am also able to target more body parts like for examples the glutes to treat a sciatica condition or the feet for a refexology session.

Chair massage


Chair massage is an alternative to Table massage and is good for:

  • 10, 15 or 20 minutes massage
  • Neck, shoulders, back,arms & hands massage
  • People that do not like to disrope
  • People that do not like lotion on their body
  • People that can't lie down
  • When people have difficulty breathing they may prefer to be seated

I hope this information is helpful!

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By: Michel Bourgeois, Licensed Massage Therapist & energy practitioner in Mesa and Apache junction