Digestive problems?

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Alternative treatment digestive issues in Globe and Aapche Junction,AZ

Your Microbiome could be the cause

What Is The Human Microbiome?

The Human Microbiome is like a complex of microscopic life-forms.It is the genetic material of all the microbes, bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses that live on and inside the human body. The majority live in our gut, particularly in the large intestine and may weigh as much as five pounds. There are actually billions of bacteria present within all of us? Most of us think of bacteria within the body as a cause of getting sick or even developing certain diseases but good bacteria are essential for our health. Here's why a healthy Microbiome is vital in our life;

  • Essential for our digestion & nutrition(1)
  • May affect your weight(2)
  • May play a role in certain cancers (3)
  • Play a role in our mental health(4)
  • Can cause autoimmune diseases(5)

There are evidence now that the Gut is connected to the brain by the vagus nerve. There is a good documentary on Amazon prime called The Gut: Our Second Brain

As you can see the gut play an important role in our general health. This is why we should all be concern to eat healthier. Unfortunately we normaly change our habit of eating only once we are sick.

They are many things that could affect your Digestive System like;

  • Dysbiosis
  • IBS
  • Candida
  • GERD
  • SIBO
  • Leaky Gut

What is Dysbiosis?

Dysbiosis (6) (also called dysbacteriosis) is a term for a microbial imbalance or maladaptation on or inside the body, such as an impaired microbiota.Do not be intimidated when you hear that you might have Dysbiosis or IBS (irratable Bowel Syndrome).

Those two words only mean that your gut/Microbiome is under stress and is imbalance.You have more bad bacterias or fungus than good bacterias! Most people will run to buy probiotics so they can replace the bad bacterias with good bacterias. This is why there are so many types of probiotics on the market! So, which one is the best for you? One type of probiotic could be good for someone but not so good for another person. It is difficult to know but by using Energy Kinesiology (muscle testing) I can determine which one raise your energy level and which one deplete the body’s energy.

Major Symptoms of Dysbosis?

  • Abdominal Cramps
  • Fatigue after eating
  • Poor Appetit
  • Stomach upsets easily

Do you have anyone of these symptoms? If you answered yes, do not worry because you are not alone! Unfortunately, chronic gut issues, ranging from constipation to bloating and acid reflux symptoms,are increasingly common affecting millions of people in the U.S This is mostly beacuse of our diet full of carbohydrates and sugar.Eating a lot of bad carbohydrates will not only affect your gut microbiome but also will affect your muscles. That also can cause your muscles to tense up! yes believe me! Try a good diet without bad carbohydrates for a few weeks than try with a diet with a lot of carbohydrates and you will see a big difference how you feel!

How Can Energy Kinesiology Help You?

The body's capacity to repair itself is greater than is normally believed, because people do not consider the energy aspect, balance is the key. Kinesiology helps ( not cures) to rectifies imbalances before they become illness. So, in a session of Biochemical Kinesiology.I will use muscle testing and a technique called "organ under stress" This technique is simple but pretty effective. I use muscle testing with one of your arm to be able to feel if your muscle is strong at the beginning. While I muscle test one of your arm ,with my other hand I place my finger on different place of your body for example:stomach, liver, small Intestine and if your muscle that I'm testing become weak than I know that the place (organ) that I touched is under stress since just touching it makes your energy weak! I then have to investigate what is causing your energy to weaken and what will make it stronger.

How Does a Session Looks like?

Kinesiology works in a non-invasive modality! You remain fully clothed throughout the whole session, lying comfortably on a massage table. I will put your arms and legs in different positions and test by applying light pressure to them. It is not a competition of strength, so you do not need to be strong or fit for this. Once the assessment is complete, any imbalances found will be attended to using different gentle techniques. I will also be able to give you some very helpful advice, The whole session takes approximately 1 + 1/2 hours.

In that session , I will be able to tell you what is going on at the energy aspect and will be able in finding out if you have Candida and/or SIBO and help you to eliminate them with supplements and diet and regain a better digestion!In combination with muscle testing I use some clear glass vials with the frequencies of differents gut problems like; Candida, SIBO etc...That is also with these vials that I can test for gluten and food sensitivities.

 alternative Treatment for digestive problems in Globe and Apache Junction,AZ!

As you can see in that picture, you can see 2 formats of vials. The small clear are vials having the frequency of what we want to test.The big one are samples of supplements that we test to see if one of the supplement would give energy to your weak muscle.

So, for example you have some candida symptoms and you would like to know if you have have candida or SIBO. I would muscle test you and do some pretest. I will ask you to lift your arm at a 45 degrees to make sure that you have a strong muscle. Now if I take the Candida vial and place it on you and then your arm become weak, it just tell us that yes you have candida. Now, we want to see what supplement could give you back your energy and at the same time to find a good supplement that eleminate the candida. Do not forget that if you have 2 persons that suffer from candida it does not mean that they need the same supplement!

  • All Food & supplements have a vibrational frequency which affects the body’s energy
  • Some supplements raise the energy level and others deplete it
  • I can use muscle testing to determine how an individual reacts to certain foods, testing weak or strong
  • I can test to find out which foods and supplements will balance a person’s energy

I hope this information is helpful!

Thanks for reading!

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By: Michel Bourgeois, Licensed Massage Therapist & energy practitioner in Globe and Apache junction,AZ